FEA can be one of the most cost effective tools for assisting in making design choices, verifying a design, or understanding design failure. Our capabilities include Static Structural Linear and Non-Linear, Structural Dynamic analysis and Thermal stress analysis, both steady state and transient. We Can Also Model Even Simulations utilizing virtual engineering techniques.

Galletta provides detailed engineering and analytical services for today's highly technical industries. Beyond classic analytical techniques, our experience in engineering analysis incorporates many fields in both linear and nonlinear FEA. From large assemblies to single parts, we provide accurate solutions to engineering problems in a timely and cost efficient manner.

 Galletta uses existing 2D or 3D geometry from variety of design software platforms, and will create new models when necessary.

Galletta's capabilities include the more difficult area of nonlinear and transient analysis. Many engineering problems exhibit nonlinear behavior that cannot be accurately simulated by a simple linear model. These problems typically include nonlinear materials such as rubber, plastic, and composites, large deformations, creep, multiple body contacts, transient loads, and boundary conditions. Proper iteration control techniques and convergence criteria must be established to ensure accurate results and efficient solution response times.